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Decorative pillow case [Red]

Decorative pillow case [Red]

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Size: compatible with 18 x 18 inch or 16 x 16 inch pillows

Our hand-embroidered pillow covers will add a touch of elegance and charm to your living rooms, patios, bedrooms and beds. The subtle, delicate patterns are embroidered with pearls and sequins, making these decorative objects glamorous,  shimmering and exotic. The covers feature elephants, a majestic animal revered in Thailand as a symbol of wisdom, strength, longevity and good fortune. These decorative covers will bring peace, tranquility and exoticism to your rooms and bedding.

(Please note that the pillow is not included).

These products are the result of craftsmanship (they are not made in a factory), so each piece is unique. Therefore, it is possible that some patterns or colors may be slightly different from those shown in the photo.

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