Imagine two partners, one a Hungarian-Canadian who grew up in Africa and Budapest, the other a French girl born on a small island in the Indian Ocean. Both the Hungarians and the French would know that this mix is unlikely to work, but a challenge is not something that stopped us ever. Passionate about travel and interior design, we're on a quest to find the perfect items to add that je-ne-sais-quoi to your space. The idea stemmed from our growing frustration with the soulless, run-of-the-mill home decoration options we kept on encountering around us, as well as our deep love for Asia, the amazing, colorful, high-quality handmade objects we kept finding on our trips to Thailand, to the point where instead of our suitcases, we wanted to fill a whole container with these wonders of the Orient. Well, we eventually did. We hope you will find a hidden treasure in our eclectic, finely curated, ever-changing collection.


    We specialize in home decor and homewares, a collection of selected items destined to transform your living space into a cozy nest of exoticism and evasion. We carry a wide variety of gorgeous objects that we and our partners fell in love with. From wooden vases, bowls and lamps to Lotus paintings, Thai scarves and jewelry... We also offer our famous yoga mats and blocks, as well as the iconic, original Thai triangle pillows. Whatever you're looking for, whether it's a gift for your friends, to impress your mother-in-law, or simply to treat yourself, we're certain you'll find something amazing in our boutique.


    Quality is our top priority. We personally select the items, most of which are unique or rare on the North American market. These are created and personalized by craftsmen based on what we order. They are almost all handmade according to age-old techniques and modern quality-control, mainly in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.


    We purchase all items based on the price set by the Thai artisans themselves, save for the occasional good hearted haggling that the culture sometimes expects. We don't sell items made in factories, and absolutely do not sell items made by children or in sweatshops. Our products are mostly made of organic and sustainable materials (such as driftwood or kapok), using environmentally-friendly techniques.


    Our aim to continue exploring whatever the rich world of Asian handicraft has to offer is never-ending: we keep discovering all kinds of new treasures, focusing on aesthetics, as well as the quality, authenticity and originality of our products. One of our next projects is to develop the sale of absolutely exquisite wooden furniture. So stay tuned to our virtual boutiques, where we'll be regularly adding new products to surprise you.


    We don't do dropshipping, which means that our goods are delivered to the customer directly from North America. They are not sent from Asia, which guarantees significantly faster delivery times, lower costs and better quality control, as it allows us to check the quality of each item before shipping it to your doorstep.


    Home is where the heart is but travel and discovery keeps the mind fresh. Our quest is to bring a little exoticism into your everyday life, a small touch of a different world, a breath of Asia into your home by sharing its colorful
    universe of anecdotes, stories and legends. So take a look at our "Short stories" section to learn more about this ancient Kingdom of Siam, also called the Land of Smiles, as well as its neighbouring brothers of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, what used to be called Indochina. You can also join us on our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube communities. (Links to our accounts are at the bottom of the pages).


    Our printed canvases are made in Montreal, and are all analyzed and optimized by experienced graphic designers who use artificial intelligence to recreate on canvas the same image as the you see on the screen, warranting absolutely incredible quality. The photos are exclusive, taken by the feisty Paradise Lost team, who take you on a visual journey through many a far-flung land we've traveled.


    Paradise Lost photographer.

    From international organizations to leading dynamic educational initiatives, from his extraordinary photography to the discovery of far away lands, from Budapest to Bangkok, from Tokyo to Kilimanjaro: Balazs has an adventurer's heart eager to give, discover - and share.


    Paradise Lost photographer.

    Not as grumpy in real life as he is on the photos taken of him, Bernard Duval is a French sailor and adventurer, formerly a professional yacht race director. Equipped with a state-of-the-art camera, he brings us magnificent images from his travels.