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Mango wood vase · Hand-carved

Mango wood vase · Hand-carved

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Discover our superb collection of handcrafted Thai mango wood vases, which will fit in perfectly with your home decor, whatever the style.

These exquisite vases are crafted by talented Thai artisans from high-quality mango wood: the warm, rich tones add a touch of organic beauty to any space. These vases are perfect for displaying your favorite flowers (fresh or dried) or simply as a decorative object in their own right.

Vase height: 15 1/4 inches (39 cm)

These vases are decorative, you should not put water in them. You can display dried flowers, feathers, dusters, dry plants... Anything that doesn't require water.

These products are the result of craftsmanship (they are not made in a factory), so each piece is unique. Therefore, it is possible that some patterns or colors may be slightly different from those shown in the photo.

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